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  • ZWave Plus Stat Recommendation

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the home automation area and recently installed a Zees2 and connected up my vista alarm panel. I have no other technology installed and was interested in upgrading my thermostats next and going with a Zwave Plus model. I've googled and came across some non-homeseer pages that provided some suggestions (although possibly biased), and I've also scoured this forum as well. Here are my general requirements (based upon my current use and knowledge I picked up from the forum):

    1) need two stats, downstairs and upstairs
    2) d/s stat generally stays on hold at a specific temp year round (eg no use of schedules) cause wife stays home and is d/s all day
    3) u/s stat uses a schedule only when kids are at school which bumps temp up when they leave, and back down just before they arrive; during summer/winter breaks it's on Hold at a specific temp
    4) do not have humidity fxn in my current stats but would like in my new stats
    5) do not think I would ever use any additional sensors to trigger either stat (haven't found a use case that makes sense)
    6) would prefer stats that can report current temps, operating state, etc without me having to create extra events to trigger (read some issues on some stats that have challenges).
    7) I have a c wire on both
    8) Not interested in any stat that utilizes cloud services (Nest, Ecobee)
    9) trying to stay around the $100/unit cost
    10) simple integration into the HS app and device management of the features

    A couple of questions I have for the group too:
    1) regarding the scheduling needs, I realize an opportunity exists for conflicts in that I can set a schedule on the unit but also have the controller perform a conflicting function. Since I'm not doing anything complex, and this is my only residence, I think I will be able to avoid this. But my question is, does it make sense to get a controller that has scheduling capability or can I simply rely on the controller for scheduling? At what happens in a power outage or if my controller is offline for a week?
    2) I am assuming zwave plus would be the desired since it is the newer technology. In the not so distant future I will also be adding HS zwave plus light switches and garage door controller throughout the house. And my understanding is the older zwave cannot carry the larger zwave plus packets. Are my assumptions here correct?

    I am leaning towards the CT100 Plus but have some pause considering the CT100 issue I had read on not reporting current operating state (and it doesn't have a humidity sensor). Another thread talked up the Gocontrol and Honewell models (although not sure if they are Plus)

    I appreciate all of the feedback.

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    Hi. Also looking at ct-100 plus. Any update to share?


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        I have two gocontrol thermostats installed at two different locations and they are performing perfectly.

        They automatically update their various stats and I am also able to control them with events. Since I have had them I have pretty much automated everything with events and don't use any of the built in schedules.

        One location has the C wire and the other doesn't. It works well in both environments.

        I highly recommend.


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          Thanks. Thing is, I am in Australia so need one that is using Aus. frequency. Not easy to find. I guess i could contact manufacturer.