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ge toggle switch for furnace

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  • ge toggle switch for furnace

    I am looking to add z wave control to my furnace disconnect switch.

    In my furnace room, there is a switch that I can flip to turn off the furnace. I presume this switch is there in order to allow someone to easily turn off the furnace if they need to for some reason in addition to or instead of cutting power at the breaker.

    Opening up the switch, it looks to be a simple light switch with two black wires (load and line) and there is also a white neutral tucked away in the box.

    Can I replace the switch with a ge toggle z wave switch?

    Should I be using an in-wall z-wave relay instead?

    Is there some reason I shouldn't be providing this type of control in this manner?

    See some pics below of the current switch setup
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    looks like just a normal switch. I don't see why you couldn't do that.

    fyi if you don't have the GE switch in your possession yet, I recommend Zooz Zen23 on/off switches ($15 cheaper!!!) and not that you have a 3 way there but if it was you don't need an aux switch!!!! I'm planning on buying 4 on the first of every month till ive got them all in.. z-wave+ too!!!! ive already got 4 of them now!
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      It is just a low AC voltage switch to control the high voltage AC on the furnace motherboard.

      You can purchase a decora metal cover for the box versus a toggle cover and just go to a decora switch.

      Keep it to a hard on and off switch versus a dimming switch whatever you utilize.

      As you mention it is used for service of your furnace. I shut it off when cleaning or changing air filters in the furnace or air cleaner here or the HVAC guy shuts it off for service.

      Personally I see no purpose in automating this switch as it is only utilized for servicing the furnace. It should not be utilized for control of the furnace.

      Accidentally remotely toggling the switch off will disable your thermostat and can cause low WAF.
      - Pete

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        I am not using this method to control my furnace as a regular course of my heating and cooling.

        The reason I am looking to automate this is because I am participating in the ohmconnect program

        I have been doing the program for about 6 months now and about once per week for one hour there is an 'ohmhour' for which I receive cash based on how much energy I use less than my forecast (which is based on actual energy usage at that time of day on previous days). I am finding the program quite lucrative and am trying to maximize my earnings.

        I am leveraging my home automation system to conserve energy (turning off lights, turning off thermostat, turning off computers, turning off extra freezer etc...) during that hour.

        Turning off my thermostat does not reduce the power that my furnace is using to nothing. It still uses a fair bit. My thinking is that putting z wave control on that switch would enable me to turn it off and then back on automatically for that hour as part of the events that I have programmed.

        My concern (for which I still have to do some research) is that using this switch once a week could cause undue stress or damage to the motherboard of the furnace. That would of course be problematic. If anyone has an opinion on that particular issue, please weigh in.