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Incompatible Thermostat Evacuation Plan Engineering

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  • Incompatible Thermostat Evacuation Plan Engineering

    I have Lennox iComfort Thermostats, and they're really 'pretty' Thermostats. With that said, I really want HS integration and 'Pretty'. So I have to get a z-wave (No WIFI, No Cloud) Thermostats. Alright, they're all not very 'Pretty' unless they're the Cloud stuff, and even then I don't think they're as pretty as the iComfort. I have the idea to take a Trane or Honeywell, with touchscreen interface (No Buttons on front), and mounting a 7" Tablet running HSTouch in front of the thermostat. I'm thinking the heat from the tablet would interfere with the thermostat's readings. But, If I have other z-wave temp sensors, I could ignore the thermostat's temp reading. I can ignore the Thermostats actual temp reading through programming right? Then we get into the 'Dead Horse' question. Why do I need a thermostat? Z-wave relay, Z-wave Temp Sensors, and a tablet screen running HSTouch, and you have a virtual thermostat with interface. I'm not sure I can ignore the 'Thermostat's' onboard temp sensor. Ideas?
    Are there any 4 circuit z-wave relays?
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