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Z-Wave Thermostat that allows 0.5deg C changes from HS

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  • Z-Wave Thermostat that allows 0.5deg C changes from HS

    Does anyone know of a z-wave thermostat that allows 0.5deg changes via z-wave (either HSTouch or Events)?

    I have a Go Control GC-TBZ48 installed and it allows 0.5 deg C changes from the local display, but it rounds up to the nearest degree when changing the setpoint from HomeSeer. For example if I enter 20.5 from HS, the thermostat locally sets to 21. The outgoing z-wave message in the log does not have a decimal, so I am thinking it is something in HS. The same thing goes with the temperature feedback because the ambient temperature will indicate 19.5 locally on the thermostat, but HS indicates 20.

    I am OK with this, but the wife has complained a few times... So I looking for a thermostat that I can make 0.5 deg C setpoint changes from HS. My preference is a z-wave thermostat to avoid the need for more plugins.


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    Go Control GC-TBZ48 Fan State

    Did you ever find a thermostat that would do 1/2 degree?
    Also interested to find out if your Go Control GC-TBZ48 reports the status of child device "Fan state" properly. Mine does not ever change-always shows off.


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      Hi Bob,

      No I did not, however I ended up getting an Ecobee because our local government was offering a $100 discount to them.

      The fan state on my GoControl has worked flawlessly since day one and indicates almost instantly.


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        Thanks for letting me know. I found that the "Fan State" auto reporting was not set to 1(Parameter #23) on the thermostat I got from the factory. Set it to 1 and it reports like a charm(thanks to "andyf" who provided the chart for all the parameters).



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            Hello tome10,

            She was complaining because she "found" single degC increments too large.... In any case, we took that thermostat to the summer cottage where it works great with HomeSeer. I have an Ecobee now and am quite happy with the plug-in and the remote room sensors.