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Aux heat control with 3 stage heat pump/gas...

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  • Aux heat control with 3 stage heat pump/gas...

    So this is sort of another "which z-wave thermostat is best", but I come with some more specifics. So I started with the GoControl (the GC-TBZ48). Got good reviews and I actually like the fact that it pushed most of the system control to HS. I installed it last night and ran it overnight. Had issues in the morning when transitioning from our lower sleep temp to daytime temp. There was a 3 degree variant and when it made the changed it stuck with standard (stage-1) heat; running the heat pump only. With lower temps (near freezing) the heat pump doesn't usually cut it alone. My previous Honeywell (non-Z-wave) t-stat had the normal 3 stage intelligence in it to kick on the aux heat (gas in our case) to give the system a boost when transitioning set points. And frankly, LP is cheaper right now than electricity so I actually prefer the augmented use of gas.

    So my question is, with the GoControl, should that be a function that the thermostat should be handling internally or would I have to build in logic to an event to kick the gas in when needed? Should I simply go with a more feature rich t-stat like a Trane or z-wave enabled Honeywell? I love the functionality of the GoControl overall (and price point) except for this one issue. Am I just misconfiguring?