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Need help understanding my radiant heating setup

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  • Need help understanding my radiant heating setup

    I just moved into a house with hydronic radiant. Some photos attached. As far as I can tell propane water heater heats water. 4 pumps on timers recirculate that hot water through the system. Finally, there are a ton of thermostats which control in-wall fans. There is one thermostat in a common area on each floor (3 total) which I think manually turn the pumps on when triggered overriding the timer. In addition, there is one thermostat in each bathroom and bedroom (7 total) which turn on an in-wall fan in that room.

    Thermostats are all identical line voltage, 2 wire king models. Each of the fans and their pair thermostat is wired locally on the circuit for their room. I'm guessing the common area thermostats are wired directly to their pumps but I'm not sure.

    Does anyone have more experience with this type of system that could explain further and does anyone know if there is such a thing as line voltage z-wave thermostat for this type of application?

    Thank you!
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    I have never seen a setup like that. My thermostats all connect to the controller for the circulating pumps - one thermostat for each pump. I have no idea what the fans are about. Do you have any idea who the contractor was who installed the system? At the least, I'd start by contacting a reputable firm that installs hydronic heat in your area and ask them to advise you.
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      Interesting. The inspector that did the whole house inspection concluded that the in-floor was not meant to actually heat the rooms, just to keep the floor a little warm and that the fans in the walls were meant to do the actual heating by distributing the hot air from around the pipes into each room as necessary. I guess it makes some sense because you can individually control the rooms? I don't know who installed it. Was 15 years ago, but I will reach out to the previous owner to see if he knows.