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Honeywell ZWave Thermostat losing connection

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  • Honeywell ZWave Thermostat losing connection

    We have a total of 4 Honeywell YTH8320ZW1007. They are tied into an expansive ZWave network (over 70 devices throughout the house). Each thermostat has 5-6 other ZWave devices in close proximity and the whole system has been optimized. Lately, with no change made to the system, the 4 thermostats have been acting up and they randomly disconnect from the ZWave network. The only way to fix this is to physically remove the thermostat and the backup battery, wait 10 seconds and then put everything back. This way the thermostat reconnects immediately to the network. This happens approximately once a day to each thermostat, sometimes even twice.
    Like I said, we did not alter the network in any way or add any other devices that could interfere with the thermostats. Also, it's only them losing connection to the network. All other devices are stable and work perfectly.
    Any suggestions before I throw those boxes out and replace them?

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    Most likely the radios are coming loose. Check this thread . I removed the back cover to the radio circuit board and inserted a "pad" so the cover put pressure on the radio.


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      Andy, I just "padded" the thermostat that craps out the most and I will post the results in the coming days. Thanks for the input


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        Here are the results: Less than 24 hours later the thermostat with the padding already dropped out twice. Looks like the padding didn't do the trick. Gonna return all 4 of them.


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          Sorry to hear that. I did stop using the Honeywells a while ago and now use the Go Control Z Wave Plus thermostats.