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Changing GoControl TBZ48 Setpoints in HSTouch

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  • Changing GoControl TBZ48 Setpoints in HSTouch

    I am trying to control the setpoints by running a script from HSTouch. This one raises the cooling setpoint (I also have similar scripts to raise and lower the heat setpoint):

    'HS3 Script 2018-10-01  JG
    Sub Main(ByVal parm As Object)
        Dim CurrentCoolSetPoint, CurrentHeatSetPoint, NewSetPoint
        CurrentCoolSetPoint = hs.DeviceValueByName("Cooling Setpoint")
            hs.writelog("Climate", CStr("Current Cooling Setpoint = " & CurrentCoolSetPoint))
            hs.writelog("Climate", CStr("Current Heating Setpoint = " & CurrentHeatSetPoint))
            hs.writelog("Climate", CStr("New Cooling Setpoint = " & NewSetpoint))
        If CurrentCoolSetPoint <80 Then ' Make sure setpoint is not at high limit
            NewSetpoint = CurrentCoolSetPoint + 1
            hs.SetDeviceValueByName("Cooling Setpoint", NewSetpoint) ' Increase Cooling SetPoint
        End If
    End Sub
    It works, sort of. I can see it change in HSTouch as well as the HS3 device page, but the problem is, the new setpoint always reverts back to the original after a few seconds.

    In other words, if the current setpoint is 75 and I run the script 3 time (3 HSTouch button presses), I can watch the device change to 78 in 3 increments. It stays at 78 for a few seconds and then reverts to a temp of 75.

    If I change it in the HS3 device page it works fine.

    Has anyone ever encountered this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Let me ask in another way - does anyone know how to get HSTouch to increment or decrement the setpoints by one degree? HSTouch only seems to allow picking a degree setting as opposed to incremental steps. Sliders work, but that is so imprecise as to make it virtually unusable.

    Click image for larger version

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      Here is a guess: your only changing the device(on the Manage Device page) and not the thermostat itself. I think you must use this in the script :

      Put at beginning of code:
      Dim objCAPIControl As HomeSeerAPI.CAPI.CAPIControl
      Dim objCAPIControlResponse As HomeSeerAPI.CAPI.CAPIControlResponse

      Put this where you want to change setpoint:
      objCAPIControl = hs.CAPIGetSingleControl([DeviceReferenceForTheCOOLINGDevice, True, "Dim (value)%", False, False) 'Create Dimmable CAPI Object for the Cooling Device

      Tenhold (a forum member-but I don't have e-mail) has a free "TenAid"(download and install) that will provide the various Device Instructions and DeviceReferences for each device(i,e, the Cooling Setpoint)

      Z-wave is a bit messy when you want to control in script--I struggle when I have to!!!!! Good Luck