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CT100 Setpoint Not Changing in Event

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  • CT100 Setpoint Not Changing in Event

    I created simple events to change the heating setpoint on my CT100 at certain times of the day. The events trigger as expected, but they do not change the setpoint value. I am able to manually change the setpoint on Device Management, through HSTouch, and through Imperihome. Any idea why the event fails to change it? Thanks!

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    Well, I'll answer my own question in case anyone else has the same problem. I reset the CT100 by pressing the gray reset button, which does not exclude the device so it keeps its connection to the network. Then I went to the properties page and rescanned it. After that I noticed that in the event dialogue boxes for setting the temperature something had changed. What was originally a list of values alone became a list of values suffixed with "F". Not sure why that changed, but I set the values with the "F" suffix and the events now trigger and actually change the setpoint. So at least in my case the solution was reset, rescan, and rewrite the events.