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Controlling Wi-Fi enabled Fujitsu split air conditioners?

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  • Controlling Wi-Fi enabled Fujitsu split air conditioners?

    I have several Wi-Fi enabled Fujitsu split HVAC units in my house. They can be managed via a phone app called FGLair so I'm assuming there must be some way to interact with them from Homeseer via JSON or something like that. So far I can't find any documentation from Fujitsu about being able to do this. Note, these are not the Intesis Home wi-fi modules but a Wi-Fi interface directly from Fujitsu. Intesis seems to have an interface but I am pretty sure these are different and can't be tied into the Intesis system.

    Worst case I guess I can try to sniff the traffic on the network and see what they are doing (tried with Wireshark and it didn't yield me anything but I am probably not doing it right).

    Anyone have any experience with this or pointers to info about the API?