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Time to upgrade thermostat

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  • Time to upgrade thermostat

    OK one of my Thermostats bit the dust. I am ready to introduce automated thermostats to the house.

    I have HSPro and some Z-wave stuff as well as some Insteon controlled devices.

    None of My HVAC is automated.

    I have a boiler, baseboard and under floor heat. No A/C.

    I have 4 Thermostats. I will replace them one at a time.

    I intend to control the Thermostats remotely as well as locally (at the device and via HS).

    I have looked at some Z-Wave thermostats and also Ecobee (I know I will need a plugin for Ecobee).

    I am somewhat a novice at this.

    The Z-Wave Thermostats seem like they might be overkill for my system and needs especially on price. Also the devices do not seem to be very stylish.The Ecobee looks attractive from a price standpoint as well as aesthetics and seems like it should do the job.

    But what are the usage and performance differences generally between the Z-Wave based devices and Ecobee? Is the Ecobee device with the plugin reliable and useful in the HS world? Same question for Z-Wave Thermostats.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I have the Go Control GC-TBZ48 thermostat. 4 of them to be exact. They are relatively cheap at about $70-90 each, which I believe is cheaper than the EcoBee.

    They aren't as smart, but completely functional. They are easily controlled with Homeseer events, and report the room temperature, which can be displayed however you want.
    I use the room temperature displayed on a tablet away from the thermostat, and calculate an average indoor temperature combined with other temperature sensors to display as well.

    You cannot program an internal schedule, but can control them locally, and they function whether or not Homeseer is on or offline (Which it really never should be, but if there is a power failure they would still function, not that your heating system would, ).

    I agree they are not the prettiest, but they just kind of disappear, because I don't have to bother with them, Homeseer does.

    My 2cents



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      The difference is basically the protocol they use to communicate with homeseer. If it isn't an actual zwave thermostat it is going to be talking to homeseer via serial or IP(wifi). I have aprilaire thermostats on mine and it works great. Feature wise for those types of heating any probably will work fine.


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        The Go Control GC-TBZ48 is a zwave thermostat, so it is easy to include in the Homeseer zwave network and the devices show up after inclusion. There are others using mqtt protocol to communicate with Homeseer.

        I have a virtual thermostat that I use, because I have hot water baseboard heating and forced air cooling. The cooling uses a communication thermostat, which is an American Standard/Trane ComfortLink 950. It is not zwave, is wireless, but the API is closed, and I have to use the Nexia website to see it. I pushed American Standard to hook it up to my hot water baseboard system, but it turns the fan on whenever the thermostat calls for heat. They said they couldn't change that, so I have a relay controlled by a raspberry pi and Spud's RaspberryIO plugin. I use a separate temperature sensor, (acutally the average of 2) to call for heat or turn it off. The American Standard is used as a backup for heating. I haven't integrated the cooling system, because of Nexia/Schlage/American Standard's lockdown.

        Oh, well.
        There are just a lot of options.



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          I just upgraded my Go Control Thermostat to a Ecobee 4. I have it in Homeseer as well with no problems also using 3 room sensor with the system in differn't rooms which give me temp and motion in the rooms. it was not hard to setup and the plugin is not bad to setup.


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            I am curious as to the reason you changed from the Go Control to the Ecobee. Is it due to the multiple room sensors or were there other considerations?


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              I have the Ecobee the room sensors was the most important reason for me. I tried the plugin but so far I just use their app it is so easy to adjust if needed


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                Depending on how much faith you put in your home automation system another alternative would be a relay module (I'm using Aeotec Nano) and Steve's VStat: