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Airthings Wave Plus to manage IAQ?

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  • Airthings Wave Plus to manage IAQ?

    I have recently purchased an Airthings Wave Plus and a couple of Wave (battery powered) devices to monitor the Radon conditions in my home in addition to the CO2 and TVOC levels. The Radon monitoring has been accurately reflecting the information I confirmed against a professional grade (Sun Nuclear) and Radon Eye loggers.

    One of the features of the Airthings products that enticed me to upgrade from my existing Radon monitors is the potential to use the data collected to optimize the operation go my HVAC systems and energy recovery ventilator to maintain healthy CO2, TVOC and Radon levels in the house. As temperatures drop during these winter months I would like to reduce the outside air volume being brought in through the EVR, but still provide enough to maintain healthy conditions.

    The Airthings team has provided a Raspberry Pie based API access tool, and will eventually be releasing a Hub product that will poll multiple Wave devices rather than relying on a users bluetooth equipped iOS or Android phone/tablet.

    I am not a software developer, but I do hope that one of the experts here with HomeSeer integration skills will consider taking on development of a plug-in to link the Airthings data over to the HomeSeer platform, preferably without requiring access to the Airthings cloud resources. I will happily purchase such a plug-in.