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Which gas boiler integrates well with HS3 ? (UK based)

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  • Which gas boiler integrates well with HS3 ? (UK based)

    Just been told I need to replace my boiler.... it is a open flu normal gas boiler, which needs replacing. At the moment I control the boiler with a Horstman (Secure) thermostat and 2 channel boiler receiver. One channel is for heating, the other for hot water (I have a hot water cylinder).
    Now I would like something possibly a bit smarter, something which I have more control over. I have TRV's on most of my rads (Eurotronic Spirit) which integrate nicely with HS3

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    I would be biased and say that tado thermostats work well with Homeseer, for both the Heating and HotWater Control, but i have created the plugin for i am biased. but it is a cloud solution so is dependant on an active internet connection.


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      I use the Eurotronic spirit TRV's, and the Horstman (Secure) boiler/hot water control. This works reasonably well. Having investigated a bit more, I am not sure a 'smart' boiler will give me more control. If anything, probably less. They have their own app or website, and no integration with HS3. Some integrate with Nest, which I could control via HS3 I believe. But then I would not use the Nest smart features, as I use HS3 with geofences via egifeozone to determine home/away and control the heating accordingly. I still have until the summer to decide (I hope) so still time to do some research and listen to other peoples opinion


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        mikee123 Have you looked into the OpenTherm protocol? (
        It's an opensource protocol that many gas boilers use to control heating and importantly modulation. Modulation control allows for a much more efficient means of controlling central heating by gradually adjusting the boiler output to match the demand, rather than on at 100% for a short period and the off, and on and off and so on.

        There is a gateway called Openthermgateway (OTGW) that you can get that interfaces with the boiler and then to MQTT using a Raspberry Pi. On this site you will find a list of boilers and thermostats that support opentherm. There is a large number of them on a matrix (

        Here the Pi stuff:

        I set it up on our Radiant boiler. Basically Boiler <-> OTGW <-> otgw-mqtt (running on a Pi) <-> MQTT plugin on HS3.

        It wasn't that difficult if you have some basic Linux/Raspberry Pi understanding. That gateway, including ethernet, you can buy ready made or as a DIY kit from the Netherlands (

        This is what my setup looks like on HS3:

        Click image for larger version  Name:	otgw.png Views:	1 Size:	150.4 KB ID:	1297876

        Like everything in the HS3 sphere, you can get much more functionality if you are prepared to tinker and invest a bit of time.

        Message me if you want more details.

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          Shame my boiler (Potterton Platinum) is not on that list. My old boiler broke down, and I needed a new one in a rush. so I took what the plumber recommended. I did consider a Vaillant, with hindsight I probably should have gone for that. Never mind. I am using a Nest thermostat now, which controls the boiler. I have relatively good control via HS3, although my hot water control is still via zwave as the Nest api does not support hot water control...