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Need recommendations for a clean looking temperature control.

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  • Need recommendations for a clean looking temperature control.

    Hi everyone, I live in Brisbane, Australia, a rather warm climate. Year round temperatures are fairly comparable to Miami to give you a frame of reference. This means heating is a non-factor here and when controlling climate, it's all about air conditioning.

    I'm planning a ducted, zoned whole home AC system for an upcoming renovation (heat pump split system).

    These systems control a little differently here in Australia compared to what I'm seeing on practically every "smart" thermostat. Typically the temperature control uses some form of serial comms to the main unit. Rather than opening/closing W and Y circuits such as is seen on nests and the like.

    The AC systems I'm shopping do offer some form of external control, typically by MODBUS or BACnet, but that's not what I'm here about at the moment.

    What I'm looking for right now are suggestions for a simple wall control that I can mount next to the light switches in each zone (4 zones total). Each control should provide basic operation for that zone such as on/off, mode, and temperature set point.

    The idea is that each zone control will communicate to homeseer, homeseer will then provide "translation" and send appropriate control commands to the main unit via whatever bus it uses. IE the "thermostat" is not directly wired to the cooling system, it's just a physical interface to homeseer.

    I'm looking for something clean and minimalist that would look good next to a HS-WS200/FC200 with the screwless trimplates. E-ink display would be awesome but I think that trend is yet to take off.

    I've thought of using some of the low cost z-wave thermostats from Radio Thermostat or GoControl, just buy one for each room and leave the W/Y/G terminals empty. But I thought I'd check for peoples suggestions first. Also I'm not sure if true "thermostats" will throw errors if the W/Y/G wires are disconnected.