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Locally controlled Z-wave thermostat

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  • Locally controlled Z-wave thermostat

    Just looking around to see what options we have when it comes to locally controlled thermostats that look good.

    What do you guys use?

    Anyone tried this one? I saw it in one house and it looked pretty nice.

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    How about this one?

    Edit: Maybe not. The reviews don't look so good.


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      Bought three of the ZTS-500US Thermostat late in the evening on the 19th and they arrived yesterday, as the deal on eBay ($65) was too good to pass up, and happy to report that all those Amazon negative reviews were by users without proper Z-Wave experience. Did not have time to install one until today, but adjusting the temperature value inside HomeSeer and clicking "submit" button reflected the value on the unit instantly, and adjusting the temperature on the device was immediately shown within HomeSeer. Temperature was 76F in the first zone installed, so waiting for tonight to drop low enough to warrant a short heating test.

      Due to existing HVAC setup I'm running them in FLiRS mode (on 4x AA), as only two wires (R/W) were connected to old Honeywell mercury-based thermostats with no C-wire available for 24V-AC powering. According to Remotec the thermostat should last a year on batteries, and as easy as they are replaced, that might suit me for the time being; especially with SDJ-Health plugin monitoring their battery status to alert me in time. Running new wires throughout house will be difficult, and the goal is to eventually get the other occupants used to adjusting it via mobile app, or voice-control. That was the main reason I picked these over EcoBee as the EcoBee probably would have supported three-zones direct, but it would have only been a single unit/display and would have forced mobile app adjustments from the other two zones if visual feedback was desired. Slowness of EcoBee API and cloud-dependency also worried me, and I'm finding an alternative home for my Nest.

      Unable to verify if ZTS-500US works as easy for more complex HVAC systems, but it would shock me if that wasn't the case as it is all well documented.

      The manual clearly shows that the ZTS-500 needs to be configured as to what HVAC system it controls before connecting to Z-Wave to avoid communication issues; yet when you power it, the first thing it wants you to do is connect to a Z-Wave network. My guess is that the bad reviews on Amazon are from those who did not follow the manual on those steps or that their network has other Z-Wave issues.


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        Trane XL624.