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CT100 not reporting temperature through Alexa.

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  • CT100 not reporting temperature through Alexa.

    I have used this thermostat with Vera and was able to say “Alexa, what is the indoor temperature, and it would report back properly.

    Moved to HomeSeer and I added the thermostat and it would report the temperature with that command but it would give it in Celsius even though it was set up in Fahrenheit (so I know it CAN work in HomeSeer). I had a few other issues with it so I decided to unpair it, reset it, and re-pair it.

    Now, everything seems to be working, but when I ask Alexa what the indoor temperature is, she says “(blank) doesn’t support that.” If I ask the same question in different ways, I get “OK, here is the HomeSeer home automation skill. That command was not found on the device.”

    Any suggestions? This is a command that my wife and I use quite frequently.