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  • Trane XR724 Compatibility

    I understand the XL824 does not work with HS3 directly. Does anybody know if the XR724 does? I am not quite sure which part makes the XL824 incompatible. Some said it's like a Wi-Fi thermostat. In this case, looking at the table below, it appears the XR724 also isn't compatible. But then again, I though Nexia was pretty much all z-wave. I guess I don't quite understand the "Nexia Connectivity" and isn't very helpful, either.

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    I'm an American Standard (same thing as Trane) dealer.

    All the Nexia branded stats use the normal Z wave frequency. Nexia is simply a brand name (just like HS or Vera). Nexia hubs will accept ANY z wave device (with setbacks obviously, just like any other controller), but since Ingersoll-Rand (parent of Trane/AS) also owns Nexia (which used to be owned by Schlage until IR bought them out) they created a proprietary link with their stats.

    624- standard wire stat (RCGWY). Will connect to any Z wave capable hub (including Nexia). Will not connect directly to WiFi. Is just about phased out, I can't even get them anymore.

    724- standard wire stat (RCGWY). Hasn't been released to dealers yet. It's supposed to be an upgrade from the 624 (firmware capability and features). Since I haven't played with one yet, my guess is that it won't be capable of connecting to generic Z wave hubs. Ingersoll-Rand is really pushing Nexia.

    824- standard wire stat (RCGWY). Has built in Nexia hub (capable of accepting other Z wave devices with no local control, they link to the internal hub, and control is through Nexia account). It will connect to Nexia through built in WiFi or RJ45 on the back.

    850/1050- These controls are only capable of working with serial communicating equipment (gnd, 24v, and data wires only). Has built in Nexia hub (capable of accepting other Z wave devices with no local control, they link to the internal hub, and control is through Nexia account). They will connect to Nexia using WiFi. I'm not sure where you got this chart from, but I've never seen any of them with an RJ45 port. They're essentially the same, just different sizes, and the 850 doesn't support zone controls.

    950- DISCONTINUED, replaced by 1050. Serial communication, no built in hub. Capable of connecting to hub and WiFi.

    I used Nexia for a few years. I wasn't happy with not having local control (vs on their server). If the internet dropped, I lost all automations. I also wasn't happy with not having command control over any device attached to it. With many devices, I wasn't able to set them up for my needs, just the basics- switch, temp sensor, etc. Anything with multiple devices (double in wall switches for example), it couldn't handle more than one on the network. It may be better now.


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      cahilj, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! This is extremely helpful information. There were quite a number of threads on this forum about the Trane stats. While there was some consensus that only the 524 and 624 work with HS, you provide the background information to understand the compatibility issues. The summary is, only the 524/624 work with non-Nexia hubs and the 624 will soon be replaced which only leaves the 524... That strategy looks ok if you want to push Nexia but overall I think they are shooting themselves in the foot. Just my opinion.

      Thanks for explaining what Nexia really is. I was under the impression this is just z-wave. Actually, when I purchased my Schlage locks they also advertised it with the Nexia hub but the locks still worked with other z-wave hubs, apparently because they use the standard z-wave protocol. Now that Ingersoll-Rand acquired Nexia they move to a proprietary protocol. That really limits Trane stat owners severely what they can do.