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Expert opinion please: A/C integration document, direct API (?) control.

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  • Expert opinion please: A/C integration document, direct API (?) control.

    Hi everyone,

    This is a bit of an ask but I'll get nothing if I don't at least try.

    I'm in the process of selecting a zoned, ducted air conditioning system for whole-of-home. The biggest decision point has been the control interface, and whether it could be integrated with HomeSeer.

    Today I received an email back from the product support team of what is likely to be the top choice. Attached was the document that I've attached to this post.

    It details a method for providing control of the air conditioning system via TCP. The control panel/interface is essentially an Android tablet that has something like a modbus interface built into the back of it. The support team tells me their implementation of MODBUS is proprietary and not for public release. But the tablet connects to WiFi and behaves much like a normal Android tablet in addition to being an A/C controller. The TCP connection can be established to it's WiFi address on port 9004.

    The document details the message format and what can be controlled or polled.

    If anyone's really looking for something to do, I'd appreciate opinions on whether this is a good choice for integration with HomeSeer. I'm no programmer, so I wouldn't be building my own plugin. This would be done likely using a TCP profile from the Big5 plugin.

    I asked a few follow up questions which I'm waiting for a response on, but something I forgot but need to ask is whether this particular product is sold under a different name in other markets. This is from an Australian company and frankly it's unlikely they developed an entire software package like this in-house. More likely they licensed an existing product from a larger company and have exclusivity rights to sell it re-badged in the Australian market.

    The control product is called AirTouch:

    You can view the installer manual here:

    The "parent company" is PolyAire, an A/C wholesaler company that doesn't actually build A/C systems themselves, they distribute other brands like Toshiba and Samsung, as well as selling their own fittings and accessories.

    And finally the TCP documentation mentioned has been attached to this post.

    Thanks all for your time and any help.
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