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  • Mini Split

    I need a suggestion for a mini split that already has a Homeseer Plugin or someone to create a Plugin for a LG mini Split. It looks like LG has a module for integration.

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    There is a z wave ir emitter and temperature sensor that's designed for mini splits on Amazon it has food reviews. Mini splits all use proprietary control mechanisms and are difficult to integrate with ha systems directly


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      Remotec Z-Wave ZXT-120 IR Extender for Air Conditioners

      After reading this post, I ordered the IR extender from Amazon. It came from China but it only took about 10 days to arrive. Pretty quick considering I was advised it would be 60 days when I ordered it. This little guy, it's really small, is recognized by HS as a thermostat. It creates child devices for every control my garage mounted Pioneer mini split has. It was a snap to configure. BLStat sees it too. It comes with a 36" usb cable that you can use to power it or use the included battery pack. I had a old cube style usb charger that I plugged the cable into. There is an extensive library of stored ir codes, but it also will learn your commands. One thing I should share. Some codes provided are 2 digits. HS needs 3 digits. so code 40 needs to be 040. If one wanted to, you could use this as a zwave IR emitter to control anything. I would estimate about a dozen or so different commands you could configure. Anyway, I recommend this for anyone that has an IR controlled ac unit they wish to integrate with HS.