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  • Thermostat With Remote Sensor

    I have to install my thermostat in a location that is not ideal to read temperatures. Hence, the temperature reading of the thermostat control panel has to be ignored. Instead, the control of the heater/AC needs to be controlled based on readings from other temperature sensors in the house. I don't need to or want to control the temperature through the heater/AC control panel. Instead, I will control the system through Homeseer (which I control via Amazon Echo).

    I understand that EchoBee is doing exactly that, i.e. I can disable the temperature reading on the main controller, can use remote sensors and integrate with HomeSeer. However, it's not a cheap system considering that I don't use the main panel. Are there less expensive systems that achieve the same goals? If they are more difficult to use/control then I rather spend the extra $100-$150 for the EchoBee.

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    I presume you're referring to Ecobee, not Echobee. Ecobee does allow you to ignore the sensor built into the thermostat base station and have it operate based on a single remote sensor or average of remote sensors. I do exactly that since my thermostat is located in the dining room. Who puts a thermostat in the dining room? The only real limitation with accessing the Ecobee via Homeseer is that it can only go through Ecobee's cloud service. So if your internet is down or their cloud servers go offline, you're out of luck and will have to adjust via the local thermostat. Also, the Ecobee plugin only polls the servers every 4 minutes. Controls to the thermostat are sent on demand, but status back is only every 4 minutes.


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      Originally posted by mulu View Post
      Are there less expensive systems that achieve the same goals? If they are more difficult to use/control then I rather spend the extra $100-$150 for the EchoBee.
      There is an RCS z-wave thermostat that will use a remote sensor.

      It's not as stylish as the Ecobee3, but RCS has been making reliable communicating thermostats for many years, many (possibly all) with remote sensors that work as you describe. A bonus is that you do not have to go through a remote server to control it from HS. If it's your only z-wave device, though, you will need to add the cost of an interface and a learning curve to learn how to use z-wave effectively.
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        Thanks for the responses. I also came across a Honeywell remote sensor (C7189U1005/U) that is very small: (Honeywell website) (Amazon website)

        This sensor is supposed to work with the Th7000 and Th8000 series of thermostats. Some of them are z-wave enabled. Based on Homeseer's website these thermostats should work ("Honeywell - ZWStat thermostat | Z-Wave"). Has anybody any practical experience with those thermostats? Can you disable the sensor on the actual thermostat (as it will be installed in a non-ideal location).

        My goal is to ban the thermostat right next to the two heaters/ACs (one set downstairs one set upstairs) and ONLY use the remotes to control the 4 units.


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          Thanks for this info folks, I need a remote sensor zwave thermostat. Preferably non-cloud.


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            I'm kind of in the same boat. We would want a z-wave 'Thermostat' communicating to Homeseer, and separate z-wave remote temperature sensors communicating to Homeseer, and a few events to adjust setpoints. Right? There is the Aeon Labs Multisensors, and the Homeseer plugin multisensor. I think the HS plugin multisensor would work nicely because they're also z-wave repeaters.