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8810 Temperature setpoint

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  • 8810 Temperature setpoint

    When using this plugin with the 8810 it seems to skip 73 degrees on the homeseer side. When using the temperature + or - for the heating setpoint it will go from 72 to 74 in homeseer but end up on 73 on the thermostat. I've went up or down several degrees from 68-75 and 73 is the only one that seems to do this. This isn't a big deal as I never go above 72 on that tstat anyways-just an FYI. I did verify that my network wasn't the issue .

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    There is also some weirdness with the indoor temperature device. The indoor temperature doesn't change a whole lot but it seemed to get stuck at 72 until I lowered the temp set point enough to where it would drop the room a couple of degrees. I don't know if that is the same kind of issue or if it is a different issue altogether. I can gather and send whatever you want for log files.


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      Any chance you can circle back to this one? My 8840 has the same issue with 73 degree in temp setpoint or outdoor temp and it is a bit of an annoyance.


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        The problem is that internally the thermostat use celsius degrees, so the plugin and thermostat have to convert back and forth from F to C

        the plugin uses the following formula:

        internal double ConvertCtoF(double degrees)
                    return Math.Round(((9.0 / 5.0) * degrees) + 32);
        whereas the thermostat uses a conversion table which is not strictly equivalent to the formula

        I will make the plugin use the same conversion table, and I guess that will fix this problem.


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          Thank you, it is very much appreciated.


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            Please test version, available in the Beta section of the updater.


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              Seems to be working, thanks