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How to delete multiple instances for same IP address?

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  • How to delete multiple instances for same IP address?

    I've added a couple of 8820 wireless stats to my system and the plugin works very well. Unfortunately, I've managed to create a duplicate instance for one of the stats and I can't figure out how to delete it. I even removed and reinstalled the plugin but the data immediately repopulated. I assume there is a file to delete somewhere but where?


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    Do you mean you have duplicate instances of the plugin or the devices?
    If it is the plugin then simply disable, then delete (red X button) the duplicate instance from the PLUG-INS > Manage page.
    If it is the devices, then delete all the duplicates devices from the "Device Management" page. If you don't know which devices are the duplicated ones and which ones are actually used by the plugin, the best is to delete all of them and then to let the plugin recreate them by restarting it.


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      I had two duplicate devices - both with the same IP address. One was active and the other was a "phantom" that didn't react to any input. I deleted the phantom by clicking on the root device and removing it. Everything seems to be OK - I'll just monitor over the next few days to be sure. My only concern - prior to your response - was the HomeSeer warning about deleting devices that popped up when I first wanted to delete. Just needed you to verify that was the correct method.