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Event Trigger To Control Room Sensors

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  • Event Trigger To Control Room Sensors

    Good morning,

    I'm looking at taking advantage of the deal from Ecobee with the Ecobee 3 Lite with the 2 free room sensors, but I had a question. Will this plugin allow me to create an event that will enable the room sensor when a device status changes to ON and then disable the room sensor when the device status changes to OFF? I have a small home theater in a room and when in use (especially with a few people in it) it can get a bit warm and I want the room sensor to enable when I turn on the theater and disable when the theater is off. Thanks for any info .


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    I do not think the Lite supports the remote sensors.

    I have the two Ecobee 3's (great product) with multiple remote sensors. I have one of the sensors in my media closet. The closet has air conditioned piped in, with a return feed. On the rack I have a Multisensor from AEON.

    I have an event that gets trigger once the closet Multisensor goes above 85 kick on the fan (not the A/C). That way it circulates fresh air in. Within 15 minutes or so it kicks it backoff when it gets down to I think 79.

    Took me a while to get it running, but you need a few other events based on if the A/C kicks in during the middle of the cycle etc.

    Works like a charm though....


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      Thanks for the info . I pulled the trigger on 2 Ecobee 3's and I love 'em. I think the right way to do what I'm interested in might be: If Theater changes to On, switch current program to Theater. The Theater program would use the remote sensor in the theater as the temperature gauge. More to come as I play around.


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        I would like to confirm that the right way to do this is indeed by creating a "Comfort Setting" called Theater and assigning it the remote sensor. To get it to show up in Homeseer it was a combo of deleting the devices and/or disabling/enabling the plug-in. After that, the new Comfort Setting named Theater was listed in Homeseer and ready to be used. One caveat is that, I was expecting the room temperature to immediately change when the Theater Comfort Setting was activated (to go from 74 in the hallway to the hotter Theater of 79 like it does when I manually switch sensors of a Comfort Setting) but it does not. After chatting with technical support and now my own testing, it is a gradual change. It will slowly switch over the temperatures from sensor to sensor when a different Comfort Setting is applied. Thanks for the great features Spud!!