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    In the User Guide for the Ecobee plug-in, it shows a screenshot with what looks like a custom program named "Gym". I've created a custom program named "Theater" and it doesn't show up in Homeseer. I've readded the plugin to "My Apps" on Ecobee's site but it still didn't work. Any suggestions on how I can get a custom program to show up on Homeseer? Thanks

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    Through some trial and error, I ended up deleting all of the devices for the Ecobee and then re-adding the app to my ecobee account. That didn't solve the problem. I then disabled and then re-enabled the plugin, and all of the devices showed back up including the Theater comfort setting so it looks like either a combo of deleting the devices and/or disabling/enabling the plug-in solved my issue. Now I can use it during events .


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      Just to confirm that when you create a new Confort settings, you just need to enable/disable the plugin and then refresh the device management page, for the new settings to appear. (No need to delete devices or reauthorize the app)