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Change "Hold Action" From Event?

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  • Change "Hold Action" From Event?

    Currently I have my Hold Action set to "hold until next scheduled activity". I know that you can manually change the Hold Action in the plug-in config but I was wondering if it could be changed in an event?

    My "Sleep" activity for downstairs is scheduled to go active at 12am but sometimes I'll be watching a show in my theater past midnight. This means that when my Theater comfort setting is activated because I'm in my theater, it will be overridden by the next scheduled activity of Sleep. Is it possible to change the Hold Action automatically from an event? If I could do that, then when the Theater changes to On I would set the Theater Comfort Setting as active and change the Hold Action to "Until I Change It". Spud, is this possible? Thanks again for all of the great plug-ins and features!

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    In the meantime, you might be able to create a work around event that sets the ecobee back to theater mode. Have it trigger off of the ecobee sleep setting with an "and if" condition of your theater being active.


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      Great idea! Thank you! That worked like a champ! This is exactly what I wanted to make the Ecobee work with Homeseer .