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Need ideas for Ecobee event logic

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    Need ideas for Ecobee event logic

    Hello everyone,

    The freezing cold winter here in San Diego,CA has begun (this is where you feel sorry for me...lows of 49F) .....and I'd like to pick your brains to see how you have setup your logic to turn the HVAC On/Off when door/windows have been opened for a specific amount of time.

    I currently have all doors/windows in a group using Spuds Easy Trigger groups that will change the status of a virtual device to Open/Closed when any one of them are opened but I don't want it to turn on and off based on a door trigger. We don't always have the HVAC on.....summers are brutal....Highs of 76!
    Ok...sometimes 90 Are you guys setting up special "Current Program" settings and switching between them and then resuming?

    If you don't mind posting a few of your HVAC events that would be great! Also, if you have any other creative events that you have found useful that would be great to see as well!

    Thank you in advance!
    HS3 &HSTouch Designer 3.0.71 with 996 Devices, 547 Events
    BLBackup, BLOccupied, BLShutdown, EasyTrigger, Ecobee, Nest, AK Bond
    EnvisaLink DSC, PHLocation, Pushover, SONOS, Blue Iris, UltraRachio3,
    weatherXML, Jon00 Alexa Helper, Network Monitor, MyQ, Z-Wave

    I have my DSC security system also connected to HS3. When we arm the system, HS3 sets the thermostats to away status, and resumes the programs upon disarm. You could do the same thing if you have a way to monitor your windows - if they have been opened a certain amount of time, and/or the temperature reaches a certain threshold, then trigger an Ecobee event.