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Ecobee remote sensors all have same name

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    Ecobee remote sensors all have same name

    I have 4 Ecobees and 14 remote temperature sensors.

    Setting up a HS event, the dropdown box list 14 identical Ecobee Temperatures.

    I have uniquely identified the sensors by name, room, and floor. In Ecobee they are all uniquely identified.

    How can I tell which Ecobee Temperature is which?

    If this has to be an added feature, the simplest and most robust would be simply to suffix the 4 letter sensor ID to "Ecobee Temperature"

    Sorry if this is a duplicate post. My first post didn't seem to make it.

    From the device management screen, you need to manually change the room/floor attributes for your Temperature devices. Then the devices will appear prefixed with room/floor in the event engine


      Thank you for replying.

      That is exactly what I did, and why I posted.

      None of the Ecobee devices show room, floor or name changes, while all the other non-Ecobee devices do.


        hmm that's weird...
        have you tried to restart HS3?

        if you can't figure it out, can you post some screenshots?


          Thank you. I did a complete shut down, power off reboot, and now it is working as expected. Yay!

          I made subsequent changes that were reflected immediately, and did not require an additional reboot.

          I have been using (trying to use) an Ecobee plugin in Vera, and I'd like to compliment you on a much better solution. Happy to have left Vera.