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Set specific hold temp?

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  • Set specific hold temp?

    I may be overlooking it, but is there a way I can set a specific cooling temp and hold it? I'm trying to create an event that is "If outside temp is over 90°, set thermostat to 76° and hold." Our normal setting is 72° but when it gets very hot out the system is only able to get to 76°. I don't want the AC running for hours on end trying to acheive a temp it cannot. I'd then have a second event that watches for the outside temp to reach under 90° for a couple hours straight and then resume the normal schedule. Thanks for any ideas.

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    Setting the "Target Temperature High" device to the temperature you want should do the trick, I think. Set "Current Program" to "resume" to return to normal.


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      Ah hah, thank you. I didn't even see that or the low temp devices as my device filter had only "ecobee" selected and it filtered them out. I'll give that a try.


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        I cleaned up my High/Low devices so they're in the proper locations with the other ecobee devices. I played around with this a bit and it'll do exactly what I need. I just need to fiddle around with triggers a bit to make it so the local weather station has to be over a temp threshold for at least a couple hours before triggering the event to raise the thermostat high temp target. I don't want things flipping back and forth if the weather station is crossing the threshold often. Then on the other side I'll make it watch for the temp to be below for a couple hours before returning to normal. Thankfully I think this will prevent our upstairs AC system from running hours on end with no stopping.