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Update thermostat names automatically

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  • spud
    The only way to do that, right now, is to manually delete all your Ecobee devices from the device management page, and then to restart the plug-in to let it recreate all the devices with the correct names. However that's not a good idea if you have a lot of events/scripts already using those devices as you would need to update them.

    I guess I could add an "update names" button in the config page. I don't want this to be automatic though because some users are overwriting the device names in HS.

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  • krementz
    started a topic Update thermostat names automatically

    Update thermostat names automatically

    I have 8 Ecobees and 24 remote sensors. I recently changed the thermostat and remote sensor names into a more coherent naming pattern. The new names don't show up in Homeseer. Is there a way to issue a re-read command to update the thermostat names? I waited evernight to see if there was a daily update, nope. I restarted the Homeseer box, nope. I deleted the plugin, and reauthorized it, nope.

    Any suggestions other than typing in the changes for all thermostats and remote sensors?