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Comparing multiple temp sensors to change fan setting

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    Comparing multiple temp sensors to change fan setting

    Had an event idea but not sure how to execute. I'm running HS3 with Ecobee 3. I have 4 room temp sensors through Ecobee and others throughout the house in other devices. I'm looking for way to compare the sensor temps and if any two of a list of sensor values are more than say 5 degrees apart, turn on the furnace fan to circulate air and even it out.

    Normally I have Ecobee set in Auto mode and Fan to run the fan 10 minutes every hour. At times during the day when sun-facing rooms heat up, the average temp won't be off of setpoint enough to kick on heat or AC, so looking for way to just run the fan for period of time till circulation helps even out the room temps.

    I could create multple ORs between each pair combination comparing the temps, but that can add up to a lot of OR statements (16 combos for 4 sensors). I have EasyTrigger plugin which could compare two value, but not seeing how that would help comparing multiple values. Anyone have an elegant way?
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    After some playing, it dawned on me that the Ecobee plugin has the value that Ecobee is reporting as the average for all the active sensors (Ambient Temperature). So rather than compare each sensor against each other, I'm comparing each against the average Ambient Temperature. I'm not doing the follow-me motion stuff. I'm just changing which sensors are active for a given comfort setting.

    Then I'm doing multiple OR > with a 2 degree offset using EasyTrigger to compare two values. Setting fan to full-time fan for 30 minutes then go back to 5 minutes/hr fan. And setting event not to run for 29 minutes, so at 29 mins, if still seeing temp difference the event re-triggers and keeps fan running full time for another 30 mins. It triggered once this morning. Will see how it goes over next few days.

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