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  • Auxiliary heat status

    Hi Spud,

    As you know, winter kicked into high gear fairly soon in our area this year. Things that I was hoping to test or validate in January-February with my new Daikin (Ecobee) T-stats are happening right now. So after some observations I was wondering if you could implement the followings change :

    Observations :
    - In the configuration "Response" section there is a variable called "hasElectric : true/false". If the T-stat is configured with "Aux. Heat", this flag is "true". It is part of the system configuration and not something that you would toggle ON/OFF so having a device for it is not really useful. However it becomes helpful for the next point.

    - When it gets very cold, both the "Heat pump" and "Aux. Heat" can be engaged. The stat "Response" will be like this : "XXXXXXX670:auxHeat1,fan,heatPump".

    - You do have a device showing "Fan status" and a second one showing "HVAC status" as either "Idle, Heating, Cooling" but there is no way to tell if "Aux. Heat" is ON/OFF

    Request :
    - What would be nice is that : IF "hasElectric" = true then create a device called "Auxiliary heat status" showing ON-OFF state.
    - Just add a new "Aux. Heat status" device and T-stat without Aux heat enabled will always show OFF.

    Hoping this is somewhat clear.



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    I think I can add that, but do you have hasHeatPump = true, in your logs?


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      Originally posted by spud View Post
      I think I can add that, but do you have hasHeatPump = true, in your logs?

      Thanks for the prompt reply. Yes I do.


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        In version available in the Beta section of the updater I have added a "Aux Heat Status" device


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          Hi Spud. Thanks for the prompt update. However the new device is not showing-up after updating to A debug log does not seem to show any errors.

          Is the new device systematically added or based on the ("hasElectric": true) value?



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            It is supposed to be created only if hasElectric=True and hasHeatPump=True.

            Make sure the new device is not filtered out by your room/floor filters?


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              Sure is a common mistake but does not seem the case this time. I've removed all filters and even search for "Heat" and "Aux Heat Status is nowhere to be found.

              I've attached the portion of the log showing both flags as being "true", "hasHeatPump" being the 1st and "hasElectric" the last one. Could it be a parsing/typo error in the variable name?

              Attached Files


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                I think I found the problem, please test version BETA


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                  "Aux Heat Status" appeared as expected on the T-Stat having "Aux. Heat" and not on the second that does not have the feature turned-on. So this is behaving as expected.

                  Doing a really quick test, "Aux Heat Status" also seems to be properly tracking.

                  I'll monitor the situation during a few days but all seems to be working properly.

                  As usual your promptness and plug-in's quality is greatly appreciated.

                  Best regards.