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Converting a Ecobee for use in UK

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  • Rupp
    Here are a couple of Amazon reviews describing the Ecobee in use in the UK.

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  • mikee123
    started a topic Converting a Ecobee for use in UK

    Converting a Ecobee for use in UK

    I currently use a Nest, but due to the api changes looking of changing to the Ecobee (not sure yet which version, I do not need the integrated Alexa). I am sure I have seen a post with someone explaining of how it can be done, even including a part list. I cannot find that post any more...
    I guess the Ecobee itself I can buy in the US and have it shipped over, thats the easy bit.
    Has anybody got any experience of using one in the UK and how to convert it ? Or seen that post with the parts needed ?