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Ecobee 4.x.x.x vs 3.x.x.x issues

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    Ecobee 4.x.x.x vs 3.x.x.x issues

    I upgraded to HS4 a while ago - as soon as final release. Ecobee (I've had your paid version for years) has been working well I think - haven't really used the thermostat controls - just temp display. Building a new touchscreen now - and will be using the temp controls and found issues. It looked like on the "installed PI" screen that the HS version (at the top) and Spud version (in the Legacy section) were checked. When I clicked into them they'd change version numbers. It looks like the 4.x.x.x was installed because the authentication tool wasn't working. I uninstalled and installed your 3.x.x.x version and thought all was good - the authorization steps were like I remembered. Seemed to work at first - Now it's not reporting updates (athough the date time says it is). I have 2 Living Room Devices listed - one has no children but has a more up to date time.

    Ecobee setup: 1 thermostat (Living Room) and one Remote Temp Sensor (Bedroom).

    Here's a screen shot. Also, I'm running on SELPRO which has Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS and Mono, which I heard may cause some issues. I'm a PC guy not a Linux guy - I've found plenty of linux code to upgrade, but have can't find how to do it on this device specifically.

    I think I may need to just uninstall and delete the devices and reinstall? If I do that, do I need to delete any other files through WinSCP? Thoughts?

    Thank you for the great PIs and support!

    Click image for larger version

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