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Fujitsu Mini-Split Air Conditioner HSPI for HS3

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    XboxMeister - is this plugin still available? Might be installing Fujitsu AC in the near future, would add the WiFi module to link with Homeseer through the plugin.

    I do not see it in the 'HVAC & thermostat' section of the available plugins?


      I found the plugin in the legacy section and it says I can't buy it... that has me worried as I'm getting a fujitsu mini split system installed right now with the wifi module.

      How do I use and purchase this plugin?

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        Originally posted by prsmith777 View Post
        For those wondering if their units will work with this add on, see this page which includes compatibility list.
        Is there an update for the link?
        Is the Mitsubishi Heavy industries SRK25ZS-W supported?


          Just wondering what happened to the development / support of this plug-in. I was testing the time limited evaluation version and was ready to buy when it disappeared off the HomeSeer store. I was looking forward to integrating my mini-split with my Weathflow weather station plug-in. Very disappointed that it is gone!


            phoek You can email HS sales and they should be able to get you the plugin key. That's what I did. It still works but the developer stopped supporting it so if something changes in the future it could stop working anytime soon.