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  • Install issue

    I installed the plugin without an issue. I entered my ID and password from Fujitsu. Now it is in a loop every couple minutes - indicates OK, then "CRITICAL - Plugin has disconnected", then "INFO - Plugin start is pending", then back to OK again for about 5 seconds. When I try to go back to the Config page I get the following - "404 Bad Request: /FujitsuHVACConfig" so I cannot reenter my ID and Password. The Fujitsu App on the phone is working OK, but the plugin never does. Maybe it is because my internet connection is rather slow (1.5Mb at the best down, 500kb up). I restarted HS, no difference. I am at the latest HS version.

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    Still looking for a way to solve this problem. The FGLair phone application works well but I still cannot get the plugin to work. I have removed the config files and reinstalled without any success. Some help would be appreciated. One question I have that might be the issue - what is used as the user ID? The phone application has 3 fields on the user screen - first name, last name and email address. I used the email address as my ID.


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      The plugin evaluation time has expired without a fix. I came up with an interesting work around to what I was trying to accomplish until I get the plugin working. I wanted to turn on my unit to heat when the temperature was above 28 degrees and turn it off when it got below 26 degrees. Fujitsu just started supporting IFTTT and IFTTT has a plugin to Accuweather. So, you can set your weather location and IFTTT will send a command to FGLair to turn on or off your unit based on outside temperature at your location. It does work!