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    Ok to UpdateTime repeatedly

    I walked up to my thermostat the other day and noticed that the time was off by a couple of minutes. No big deal, but since I have nothing to do all day and like to ensure that my clocks are all on the same time, I thought it would be a good idead to have HS set the thermostat clocks ever day.

    So I just created an event to run the script (haiplugin.UpdateTime) at 1:00am every day.

    Is there any downside to this? Does it clear any of the registry counts (like running time, filter change time, etc.)?

    The plug-in is supposed to reset the time in the thermostat whenever the PC time changes. Are you using any kind of application on your PC that periodically set the time from an internet time server? If so, whenever that app resets the PC time, the thermostat times should all be synchronized.

    Doing it your way should not cause a problem. I only noticed a problem when I attempted to set the day of the week and that setting occured soon after midnight on Mondays. It caused the thermostat to miss the reset of the run time counters. I disabled that feature, so the PC does not synch the day of the week, only the time.