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Only two wires???

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    Only two wires???

    I want to replace my simple mercury t-stat for my baseboard heat with an RC-80. From the install diagram it shows that I need three wires. One for power, common and relay.

    I only have two wires (red and white). How do I hook this up? Do I need to install a relay somewhere? I found this thread that talks about putting a cooling system on with a baseboard heat system.

    I do not have a cooling system at all. Do I need to wire something like this though?




    The RC80 needs a power supply to function, as it does not works on batteries, all A/C units combined with heaters work on 24 VAC. But it is unknown to me the the voltage that your heater uses to activate.

    In my opinion, you will need a 24 vac tranformer (about 1 amp) and you will also need a 24 volts AC relay to connect to the to your heater.

    I do not have the time right now to give you a schematic, but if you cant figure it out, I will give something to follow.

    Disclaimer, If you dont know what your are doing, get an HVAC company to do it for you, as the voltages may be LETHALS.



      When you have time a schematic would be great. I'm pretty comfortable with electricity. I got a message from Omni and they said that three wires would be requried. So, I guess I'm going to have to run a new wire no matter what.

      Thanks for any info you can supply!




        Let me know if you still need the schematic, basically it is provided by HAI, but I may need to modify it a bit.

        Sorry for the delay, but I live in Miami, and we just went thru another Hurricane (Wilma), no damages other than part of the fence down, on generator for 3 days, power has returned since, and very very very slow dial-up Internet access until today, now back on DSL.



          Thanks Rene, but unless you can tell me how to do with just two wires, I think I'm all set. I understand what I have to do and I think it involves running different wire.

          It's not that bad actually, because I need to run one anyway for the control wire back to the HAI panel. I just wanted to see if I could hook them up to use manually for the winter without doing the extra wiring.

          Dial up! What is that? Does that still exist somewhere? I'm glad to hear you were not hit harder. Good luck with that.