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External Temperature Update problem

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    External Temperature Update problem


    I was wondering if anyone else has seen the problem I am having with the external temperature update function of the HAI Thermo plugin.

    I have an RC80B and have perfect comms with it. This can be seen in the logs as the house temperature change so the logs reflect that change either up or down. When I remote control the unit it also works fine.

    My problem is with the external temperature function. In the plugin I have setup my weather station external temperature sensor as the device to provide external temperature updates on the thermostat.

    At first after restarting homeseer everything works fine and the thermostat does display the correct external temperature. This goes on for a few hours and then all of a sudden the unit seems to no longer change the temperature being displayed. It still toggles the diplay between internal and external tempertaure except the external temperature no longer changes.

    I have confirmed that the weather station external temperature device value in homeseer is changing in accordance with the weather station so see no problem here.

    Again another restart of homeseer see this working again.

    Any ideas here?




    I haven't seen that myself, but I'm seeing a low-threshold thing on mine where it was updating fine. Once the temp dropped below 18F, it stopped updating. It's 15.8F outside right now, and it still reports 18.



      Sound similar, the problem I am seeing is that the outside temperature stops updating after working perfectly for some time ( not sure exactly how long, but it is at least a few hours).

      Have correlated this yet, but may stop working over night when the temperature drops.

      I am going to turn on debug in homeseer and see if this tells me anything.


        Hi All,

        Next Update.

        Murphy has been at work again and it seems with some updates to a few of my programs like mcstemp and a few others this problem has now vanished as quickly as it arrived.

        Has been working great for the last week solid, so fingers crossed.