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Tstat questions/problems

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    Tstat questions/problems

    Hello. I am evaluating the HS software as my current home automation software does not accomodate the HAI stats.

    ANyhow, A couple questions.

    I seem to have all kinds of problems.

    1st off, through the web control interface, I can control everything just fine. (Mode, Fan, Temp) Except for the HOLD function. That does not work.

    2nd, I get all kinds of errors. I get "getchar timeouts" and I get "trying to send to com 1, com 1 not open"

    3rd I get "get device not reliable, use get device enumerator instead"

    4th - I have no idea how to poll the stat for current info. It seems to be automatic once per min, but I either dont get a reply (The timout error??) or it goes somewhere and I dont know where to see it. Pressing the poll devices key seems to not help....

    I would appreciate any help possible. If I can get these stats to work properly (and hopefully a DSC plugin) I will make the leap and purchase HS and abandon my old software.

    Thanks in advance.

    Some ideas...

    Do you have two Thermostat devices setup, one on com 1 and one on com 2, or another device on com 1? I get that when a plugin is trying to go to a com port that is in use by another plugin or application. I also get the timeout error, but I can't get communications working at all to the Thermostat and posted an extensive description in a new thread. It may also be that you have noise on the RS232 line and sometimes TXD does not go through. If you can check and post the voltage level on your DTR that would help me out as well.