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Tracking temperature over time

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  • Tracking temperature over time

    I have just upgraded to HS 2.0, and have installed 5 HAI RC-80 thermostats (which work great) and the HAI plugin. Does anyone know if the MCS Temperature plugin will work with the HAI thermostats? If so, can you provide instructions for how to do so? I can't find anything in the forums.

    If MCS Temperature won't work, is there another way to record the temperature at each thermostat hourly (or on some regular schedule), record the information in a database, and display it on a webpage? (These are the functions that MCS Temperature handles).

    Thanks in advance for any help ...

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    I have one of these as well and it will work with mcsTemperature. It is simply a matter of selecting the Device Code you want to track. If it is the current temperature then it will be something like "[4" entered on an Analog tab of mcsTempeature setup and a valid database field name for it. If you want to track the heat on/off control then select the device code (e.g. "[2") and put it on a discrete tab row. Make a trend group page that includes these entries to seem them on a chart.


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      Thanks. You were very helpful several years ago when I was setting up MCS Temperature on my one-wire network. Now I've upgraded to the RC-80 thermostats (which also monitor the ambient temperature), and I appreciate your help again. I'll give it a try...