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Here is a strange one, any ideas?

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  • Here is a strange one, any ideas?

    HS was preventing my RC80 from working.

    It got real hot in the house. Looked at the tstat and it thought that it was calling for cool but there was none. Changed setpoints and modes and still no love.

    I disconnected the thermostat and plugged it in to force a hard reset. Still nothing.

    Finally, I stopped HS. About 20s later the AC turned on.

    Has anybody else had an experience like this? Any ideas what could cause it?

    Needless to say the WAF has taken a big hit!


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    I think I experienced the same thing with mine but with the heating. I was turning the thermostat on and off during testing with Maestro and noticed that after a while the RC-80 stopped responding even though the actual temp was below the desired temp....then all of a sudden it would turn on. I thought it had to do with homeseer also until I read under the installers guide for the thermostat. Options 11 and 12 set the minimum cooling and heating on/off times ie: the minimum time the system must stay on/off before restarting. The default is set to 8 (mins). Perhaps you need to adjust this setting? I can post the relevent section from the manual if you need it
    Hope this helps




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      You may want to check with a HVAC company the delay you are seeing is required by many systems. Changing it to a lower delay may enable you to cause damage to the compressor in your AC system. Please take the time to research how HVAC systems work prior to making change.


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        Hi Guys,

        I'm familiar with the required compressor delays and the damage that can be done (I've seen one blow) but that isn't my problem. The AC was off long enough for the temperature in my house to go from 74 to 81 degrees (at least 2-3 hours).

        The other curious thing is that when I first investigated, the thermostat indicated that the AC was running but it wasn't. My first thought was that the tstat was dead. I gave it a hard reset with no luck.

        What did bring it back was shutting HS down. It is working fine for now but I'm wondering when it will happen again.