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Support for multiple COMM Ports

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    Support for multiple COMM Ports

    Is there any chance to have the plug-in support multiple serial ports? I'm planning on using a Lantronix device for one of my HAI Stats and would like to be able to see it in Homeseer using the HAI Plug-in, but I already have two Stats on another serial port. Distance is the main reason I would like to use the Lantronix converter.


    As you are the first and only person to ask for this, I sincerely doubt this would ever get on our todo list.

    Rather, I suggest talking to HAI because the RS-232 is not really RS-232, I think it is a somewhat modified RS-422 or something like that, and you can buy a line driver for RS-422 for probably much less than a Lantronix converter.

    You must have a mansion because with category 5 wire, you should not have any problems talking to thermostats up to 100' away.

    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")