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  • mnsandler
    if you are considering the rc80a, you can connect them all in parallel to a single serial port on the hs server. the plug-in will communicate with all three through a single com port. each stat is assigned a separate id (which is also setup in hs)

    search this forum for 'install guide' and or look for the PFDs posted in here. they should give all the info you need.

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  • jjsmd
    started a topic Newbie question

    Newbie question

    I am finally thinking of integrating my HVAC into Homeseer.

    I'm looking at the HAI thermostats and plugins.

    If I have 3 stats around the house each wired to the boiler, what exactly is the way I set up the new Thermostats to communicate with HS?

    which thermostat would be the easiest to integrate with which plugin? Therse seems to be so many choices I'm getting confused?