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Compatibility with OmniStat2's ?

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    Thanks Ben, unfortunately we have it wired the way you stated, including steps 1 and 2. I've had experience with the 80 and 100b and had no problems getting them to work. Looks like we're back to checking wiring at the DB9 to the pc again and the com ports.
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      Do you have a copy of the document from Automated Outlet that Martin mentioned in post #34?

      Also when you test using a terminal program, be sure to use one that supports "binary" like the one I referenced in post #35:



        I do have the document and spent the morning on the phone with Ralph from AO. Either I have two bad thermostats in a row or there is a problem somewhere else. I did try the program you pointed out but it showed no communication, got to be a wiring problem somewhere.


          Stranger and stranger....we did a thorough check of the wiring and the com ports yesterday. We did com checks by tieing transmit and recieve together at the thermostat and everything was fine, 1,4,6 and 7,8 showed correct from being tied together. So the the wiring to the thermostat, and the adapter looked fine. Connected another serial device to the same com port and it worked correctly. We're using an Atom 330 based motherboard so there is a possibility that the com port is not producing the 12v needed for the thermostat. The other possibility is we have two bad thermostats in a row. Monday we're going to try the thermostat with a full size server and try and eliminate the voltage com port issue.


            We hooked the thermostat to another full sized server and it worked.

            Turns out this low powered Intel atom 330 based mother board with a SIIG 4 port serial card does not produce the proper voltages for commnunication to the HAI Omnistat2. The card does have jumpers for 12v so we'll set those and see if we get something
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              That was the problem. Hooking up a card that had jumpers for 12v operation was the ticket. The 80b didn't require 12v from the serial card, turns out the Omnistat2 does.


                New heat pump

                Just replaced old a/c unit with dual fuel heat pump. Used to control HVAC with RC80B's, but had to replace one with an RC2000 to control the heat pump.

                I'm now having trouble communicating with BOTH thermostats.

                Did those of you with RC2000's leave the factory installed jumper between the red and black wires or remove it? I have tried both ways, but still get "timeout writing data to thermostat" errors for both stats.

                The funny thing is that I am able to control some functions of both stats such as Fan and Hold.

                Comms are set at 300 for system and expansion.

                Any thoughts?