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Hot Tub thermostat

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    Hot Tub thermostat

    What are people using? What products support 3 digits?

    My pump is way out on the far side of the house. I may need wireless or X10 control.


    I know I read that people were using oregon floating ones... go to and look at the supported devices.... you will find it...

    so yeah it is 433mhz...
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      I think this is the one you were talking about.

      This uses the same RF frequencies and modulation as X10? Will the WGL800 receive it? If so I can make this work...


        Oregon Scientific uses the European standard and has packet sizes larger than 32 bits. so you ned the RFXCOM receiver


          Thanks for pointing that out to me. I avoided buying the WGL800 now and an additional 433MHz receiver later. Instead I'll buy the RFXCOM dual receiver for USB.

          Very nice!


            I've been using a 1-wire sensor in my hot tub for years. I actually made the sensor out of a kitchen sink hole plug.

            I've been meaning to detail how I made it.
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