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  • RC112B extra parameters

    Just looking for some info. I used to use an HAI RC80 thermostat. Worked well. This year I changed my furnace system and had to replace the thermostat. I now use an HAI RC112B which is for heat pumps and not oil furnaces. There are a few extra indicators on this thermostat that were not on the RC 80B such as aux heat indicator and stage1 and stage2 heating. This does not show up on the old RC 80 plugin. However all other functions of the RC 80 plugin are the same as the RC 112B. Does anyone know if it is possible to monitor the other parameters from the RC 112B?
    Thanks Dave....

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    the only way to find out for sure if these extra indicators can be monitored is to get your hands on the rs232 tech specs for the 112B and see if there are serial cmds that pass this information. You then might be able to write some additional code (outside the plugin) to capture these indicators.

    You might try contacting HAI directly. I have sent the emails before and gotten prompts responses.

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      mnsandler, thanks I will write them an email.


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        I am using the RC122B 2 stage Heat and Cool. The Pluging should be able to identify the model number and display all states. Mine show when I am in stage 1 or 2 cooling


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          Thanks rhodesep I did not let the plugin try to find the com port I just continued to use the rc80 set up. Would you suggest deleting it and re-assigning it again? Mine does not show the stage 1 or stage2 heating or cooling. are these options that it displays? Is there anywhere in the plugin that shows the thermostat model being used? Sorry for so many questions
          Thanks for your help.
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            There is Documentation in the DOC folder

            The HAI plugin has documentation in the Homeseer DOC folder. The thermostat does pass information about what model it is to the plugin. I started using a RC80. When I changed HVAC units. I needed a 2 stage unit so I got the RC122B. I just deleted the RC80 and Created another. I always name my thermostats by there model number "RC80" and "RC122B". I doubt the plugin is looking at my name. It is probably getting it from the thermostat. Look at the documentation there is a lot of information there.


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              Thanks again rhodesep, I don't know why I didn't think of the docs. It expains it all in there. It appends the stage 1&2 when the system is running it does not show them as separate items. You are right it determines the model of thermostat and adds the windows.