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RC-80 vs RC-80B

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  • RC-80 vs RC-80B

    I have both on a test bed, My 80 works fine with the older pcstat DOS software, the 80B will not work only some select commands like mode and fan. It can not be scanned for. both the 80 and 80B are set the same and using the connector, just switching back anf forth. The comm mode is set to 0 for RS-232 300 baud. I have tried all modes though.

    Is the 80B a differant protocol? Or is my Stat hosed?


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    I don't think there is a difference. I had an 80 in my old house, and moved it to the new one. Then, because the hallway was a bit dark, got the 80B. I used the old wall bracket and wires and just plugged it in. It worked like a champ. No difference in anything except now we can easily see the display without turning on a hall light.

    Does the 80B function properly without being hooked up to HA? I had some problems with my first 80. Similar symptoms, but it was because I attached it without turning the power off first and blew out the anticpater circuit. $130 mistake......



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      I had to replace one of the opto isolators - 4N32, and now it works fine. Both stats work as they had in the past. I also moved and re-setup. I still see that HS will not poll the stats regularly, stillonly updates when it feels like - 30 min - 2 hrs. That is very frustrating.