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Plugin seems to freeze up

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    Plugin seems to freeze up

    I have RC-80 thermostats (I think), I am running HS2 and I have version .16 of the HAI thermostat plugin. Fairly frequently - perhaps two or three times per month - the plugin seems to freeze, and it will not update the actual temperature in Homeseer. I'm starting to test what actions will reset the plugin to pick up the actual temperaturs again - of course, restarting Homeseer will do it, and it seems that perhaps changing the polling interval does it as well (I have to retest this).

    The problem seems to afflict all five thermostats, rather than any one particular one.

    Any ideas what could be causing this? And a secondary question - are there any scripting commands available to control the plugin? To fix this problem, I'd be willing to adjust the polling interval every hour as a way to "prod" the plugin to keep alert.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

    Is this stat connected directly to an on board com port? How long is the cabling from the stat to the server?


      The thermostats are connected to a serial-to-USB adapter. The USB cable is quite short, of course (4 feet?). But the cabling distance to the thermostats varies - the longest is probably 125 feet (across a large house and up three stories).


        My friend it sounds as though you have encountered the same problem as me here.

        Do you still experience it?


          Sorry for the very long delay - somehow I didn't notice your posting.

          The problem I'm having is not the same - I'm not experiencing any impact on CPU utilization, and the rest of Homeseer operates perfectly fine. The only problem I have is that polling of the thermostats seems to stop for some reason. I'm about to submit a new post regarding the situation.

          Hope you're able to find a solution to your problem - it sounds serious.