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Issues with RC80 devices after upgrading

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    Issues with RC80 devices after upgrading

    My VIA Eden board I built into my panel gave up after almost 10 years of HA service. I was still running HS 1.7 when it died. After spending a lot of time and wasting money trying to rebuild or replace the VIA (and living without much of my HA), I bit the bullet this month and bought a Hometroller pro SE4. I have imported my old XML file and most of it works pretty well. The RC-80 thermostats through the HAI panel are not cooperating fully with the move.

    I can read the temperature, but cannot change any of the settings on either of my old RC-80 stats. Moreover, the events using HAI Thermostat actions highlight in red. If I try to set up an event using a thermostat action, the drop down menu on the HAI event setup screen contains no actions. Curiously, the events I set up years ago (2008 was the last modification) work. So, for my thermostats,

    Status works
    Change to status does not
    Events cannot be created
    Old events work, even though manual changes to the RC-80 do not.

    Curious, no?

    BTW, it is hard to believe that my last post on this board was almost exactly 9 years ago. I'm one of those rare HA enthusiasts who got a HS system running well, and pretty much left it alone.
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    Are you utilizing the HAI plugin to control you HAI connected to the HAI RC-80?

    The newer version of the HAI plugin (dot net) did not cooperate well with my RC-80. The one version before that one did which I think was version dot .19.

    I have since updated the RC-80 with an Omnistat2.

    Many years ago due to the power stealing stuff of the thermostat put in the HAI supplimental switching board with a separate power supply for the thermostat. It has been fine.

    I did have one issue of serial comm errors on the thermostat which really was related to the promiscuous network card on the HAI panel.

    Note too that the HAI Omnistat plugin is for a serial to Homeseer connected thermostat and not a thermostat plugged into the HAI panel. I am guessing you already know that eh?
    - Pete

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      In the end, I had an HAI board failing. It eventually shorted out and took the power supply with it.

      I changed to 2Gig Zwave thermostats. I really don't like being at the mercy of my alarm panel for the thermostat communications. I'll be installing a DSC board, when I can figure out their DLS programming software.