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  • HAI and HS3


    After just testing the HAI tstat plugin for HS3 I was quite disappointed in the initial results.

    Issue: It is not correctly communicating to the second thermostat (at address2)

    I was disappointed that there is no 'current status' I previously had many HS events setup for when the mode changed from off to heating/cooling, etc.

    It would also be nice to have the outdoor temp like the old one.

    Did anyone try to use this?


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    One other note that others may find interesting -

    Besides not working with the second Tstat, it totally messed it up - It showed a time of --:90pm, and a date of "94-03---". The *worst* thing was that it set mode to 'auto' and set the cool set point to 60 deg. This resulted in the AC compressor turning on for about 3 hrs before I noticed it (noticed by the baby crying only to find his room was 60 deg!!) It was 29 deg F outside at the time.. Had to power cycle the furnace to get it to clear

    So be warned, needless to say this has put a significant negative mark in the spousal home auto budget approval cycle



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      Yikes! Thanks for the heads up. I'm planning to give HS3 a try in the next week (new system a new years gift to myself) but since I rely on the HAI thermostat code and the HAI alarm code, I'll have to continue running HS2 for now. I guess I can give this a try:


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        mikemack, since you are experiencing the issue, could you submit a bug report. It would be great to get this fixed and remove one more hurtle for moving to HS3.


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          Originally posted by mikemack View Post
          Issue: It is not correctly communicating to the second thermostat (at address2)
          Did you put in a Bugzilla ticket on this issue?


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            Yes, I took some more data and posted bug 1407.